Salvia Water Clary Sage from Salvia Sclarea!

Wholesale buyer’s one stop shop for flower waters from plants in the Bulgarian flora. Capacities to hydro distill flower waters from few hundred kilograms to hundreds of tons – we will grow, care for and pick the plants, produce the waters from fresh plant material for industrial buyers, formulating laboratories, and may even private label retail flower waters and flower water masks.

The Natural Salvia water is a breeze of nature with the exclusive relaxing effect and sunny feeling. Helps for overcoming stress and fatigue, improves work capacity. Natural tonic, gently cleansing, moisturizing and calming skin of the face, suppresses sweating. Strengthens and gives vitality and softness to hair. Obtained through steam distillation of fresh inflorescences and upper parts of leafy flowering branches of Salvia officinalis (L) (aka healing Salvia) – Bulgarian Salvia officinalis.

Not an artificial mixture of essential oil and water, or by-product from essential oil distillation.

Salvia water banner benefits
Salvia water banner

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Salvia water 330 ml with outer boxSalvia water 330 ml with outer box # 11628

Salvia water 330 ml bottle onlySalvia water 330 ml bottle only (1206) # 11633

The natural Clary sage, Salvia water gently cleanses, moisturizes and calms the skin. The tannins in the Clary sage water re-stabilize hair and improve hair condition. Recommended use: for compresses in irritated and puffy skin; as a lotion for improving general condition of the upper skin levels; for friction in oily hair. Application: damp compresses – 10 – 15 minutes; for moisturizing – mornings and evenings with wet cotton ball; for frictions – twice weekly. Ingredients: aqua, alcohol, Salvia sclarea. Does not contain preservatives, artificial coloring and fragrance. Storage: in a dry and cool place. Expiration term and lot number: 24 months. See expiration on bottle.

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