The Nature of the Bulgarian Flower Waters

Flower waters the traditional aromatics

First off, our flower waters are not Hydrosols or Hydrolats. Flower waters produced by Bulgarian OrganiRose Co. are hydro distilled from fresh plant material during the blooming season of the plants utilizing proprietary technologies. They are unique products resulting from the tradition and specialization of the company. We would like to reiterate that our flower waters are:

  • NOT HYDROSOLS obtained by mixing of separately distilled essential oil with water.
  • NOT HYDROLATS obtained as a by-product from essential oil distillation.

The standard practice

Some up to 3.5% of ethyl alcohol is added during the distillation process and it serves to achieve better emulsification of the oil and to some extend for preserving of the finished product and extend shelf life.

Special orders:

1. Conventional flower waters; 2. No alcohol, with preservative; 3. No alcohol, No preservatives; 4. Organic flower waters.

Flower waters could be distilled on order:

  1. No alcohol. Preservative of choice is added: approximately 36 months shelf life depending on the preservative.
  2. No alcohol and no preservatives: 18 months shelf life approximately.
  3. Organically certified flower waters - EU certification bodies, and USDA.
  4. And, of course, the no compromise conventional flower water.

Minimum special order is 1,000 kg (~2,205 lbs).

Note: There is a chance in the flower waters with no alcohol that the essential oil, if in larger amount, will not emulsify properly and separate.

The preservatives

The type of preservative is determined by the customer depending on the regulations in the destination country and the application of the product – cosmetics and skin application, or internal application.

The preservatives do not affect the quality of the flower water; do not change the aroma, color, or content of the biologically active components.

Allergic reactions

To-date allergic reactions from the flower waters of the company have not been determined or recorded. Theoretically, the content of the flower waters excludes allergic reactions on the human body. The main ingredient in the flower waters – the essential oil is in low concentration and practically does not pose any danger even in people that may have allergic reactions towards a particular essential oil in its original form.

What are the Bulgarian Rose Co Flower Waters?

What is the ultimate cosmetic item? Flower waters for skin and hair!

Nothing is more natural than flower waters as cosmetic item for hair and skin.

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