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Conventional, Organic and BioCell flower wates 21 varieties!

For maximum effectiveness of your cosmetics use our Flower waters, not Aqua!

Conventional flower waters by Bulgarian OrganiRoseOrganic flower wates by Bulgarian OrganiRoseBioCell flower wates by Bulgarian OrganiRose

Advanced contracts for flower waters 2018 season accepted now. Special low pricing for materials before the official start of the distillation campaigns. By Biogenic Stimulants Inc in association with the Bulgarian OrganiRose Ltd.

Advanced orders for flower waters 2017 are offered by Biogenic Stimulants, Inc. in association with the Bulgarian OrganiRose Ltd. We have started accepting advanced orders flower waters of these three varieties from December 2016. Minimal deposit per 200 to 500 kg water required to reserve it. Some 21 varieties of flower waters - CONVENTIONAL with preservative, ORGANICALLY certified by Ceres, EU and USDA, and BioCell - obtained by lyophilisation, a process known as freeze-drying.

Packaging containers are available for review at this link: click here ... Even give us your buying price.

  • We accept advanced contracts until a month prior to gathering months indicated.
  • Advanced deposit reserves a corresponding quantity indicated of conventional, organic or BioCell flower water.
  • Multiple contracts secure multiples of the ordered item.
  • Advanced orders deposit is like futures contract at guaranteed price.
  • Shipping containers available: 3 kg bottles, 3 per case; 200 kg drums; or 1 ton pallet tanks.
  • Add item of interest to cart to check current offering price.

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