Chamomile water from Matricaria Chamomilla!

Wholesale buyer’s one stop shop for flower waters from plants in the Bulgarian flora. Capacities to hydro distill flower waters from few hundred kilograms to hundreds of tons – we will grow, care for and pick the plants, produce the waters from fresh plant material for industrial buyers, formulating laboratories, and may even private label retail flower waters and flower water masks.

The Natural Chamomile water has a beneficial relaxing affect on body and soul. Helps to overcome stress, removes tiredness and irritability. Natural tonic with pronounces calming and softening effect. Tonics, refreshes and revitalizes dry skin. Ensures natural protection and care for sensitive skin. Moisturizes skin, and calms in rashes and sunburns. Gives shine, softness and vitality of hair. Obtained through steam distillation of fresh flowers of Chamomila recutita (L) – Bulgarian Chamomile.

Not an artificial mixture of essential oil and water, or by-product from essential oil distillation.

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Chamomile water banner

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Chamomile water 330 ml with outer boxChamomile water 330 ml with outer box # 11629

Chamomile water 330 ml bottle only Chamomile water 330 ml bottle only (1202) # 11634

The natural Chamomile water ensures natural protection and care for sensitive skin. Prevents against moisture loss, relieves the irritation and calms after sunburn. Freshens and nourishes the hair. Recommended use: for compresses in redden and tired eyes; for freshening the complexion; for rinsing of fair hair. Application: compresses – evenings before bed; damp baths – once a week; moisturizing – mornings and evenings with wet cotton ball; rinsing the hair after washing. Ingredients: aqua, alcohol, Matricaria chamomilla. Does not contain preservatives, artificial coloring and fragrance. Storage: in a dry and cool place. Expiration term and lot number: 24 months. See expiration on bottle.

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