Flower waters wholesale, conventional and organic distilled by the ultimate of distilleries - The Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc!

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Commercial quantities of conventional and organic flower waters. Wholesale buyer’s one stop shop for flower waters from the Bulgarian flora. Capacities to hydro distill waters from few hundred kilograms to hundreds of tons – we will grow, care for and pick the plants, produce the waters from fresh plant material. Industrial buyers, formulating laboratories, and even private label retail flower waters and flower water masks.

Advanced contracts specials

Prior to the distillation month of the plant. Minimal deposit required per 200 kg drum at preferential price per kilogram. Click on banner for advanced orders page - expand link - check gathering month - add to cart to check offering price.

Conventional flower waters by Bulgarian OrganiRoseOrganic flower wates by Bulgarian OrganiRoseBioCell flower wates by Bulgarian OrganiRose

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Genuine hydro distilled conventional, organic and BioCell flower waters

What are our flower waters?

Flower waters produced by Bulgarian OrganiRose Ltd are hydro distilled from fresh plant material during the blooming season of the plants. Strict technical specifications prescribed by the Bulgarian State Standard are basis for standardization.

What flower waters are available from us?

Some 21 varieties of the three types of flower waters. Flower waters hydro distilled contain maximum valuable biologically active compounds for increased effectiveness of bioactives in skin and hair products. The ultimate cosmetic item for skin and hair! An extremely effective addition to every man and woman’s cosmetic skin and hair arsenal at much less the cost of cosmetics. Anything more natural than this for your skin and hair?

  • Conventional flower
  • Organic flower waters
  • BioCell flower waters

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Bulgarian OrganiRose Ltd.

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Our most popular flower waters

Rose water

Rose water is a wonder. Unmatched aroma leaves the feeling of pleasure, beauty and youth. Banishes fatigue and bad mood. Recharges with energy. Maintains pH balance, stimulates regenerating processes. Calming effect in acne and sun burns. Moisturizing, strengthening effect on hair.

Rose water

Melissa water relaxes the soul and body in anxiety and fatigue. Wonderful natural tonic, refreshes, moisturizes, revitalizes all types of skin. Feeling of velvety softness. Effective and gentle care for inflamed and sensitive skin, inflammations of the scalp and seborrheic problem.

Rose water

Peppermint water charges a dose of freshness and energy. Relaxes the body and soul, improves work capacity, cheers the mood. Refreshing aroma of the peppermint leaves the feeling of health and youth. Natural, refreshing, cheerful tonic with moisturizing effect for every type of skin.

Rose water

Lavender water calms the mind in anxiety and fatigue, improves energy. Compelling aroma of Lavender leaves the feeling of energy bust. Wonderful, calming, relaxing tonic with moisturizing effect for normal to oily skin. Maintains the pH balance of hair, and makes it soft and shiny.

Rose water

Salvia water is a breeze of nature with exclusive relaxing effect and sunny feeling. Helps overcoming stress and fatigue, improves work capacity. Natural tonic, gently cleansing, moisturizing of skin of face, suppresses sweating. Strengthens and gives vitality and softness to hair.

Rose water

Chamomile water has a relaxing affect on body and soul. Helps to overcome stress, removes tiredness and irritability. Tonic with pronounced calming and softening effect. Refreshes and revitalizes dry skin. Protection and care for sensitive skin. Moisturizes skin, calms in rashes and sunburns.

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